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Clue Hunter Skills

  • Good Memory
  • Cognitive Mapping
    (learn more)
  • Spatial Recognition
  • Having Fun!

What do you think?

What creatures do you want to see most in the next Clue Hunter book?

Birds - 18.2%
Ocean Animals - 27.3%
Dinosaurs - 11.4%
Farm Animals - 11.4%
Forest Creatures - 11.4%
Insects - 6.8%
All of the above! - 13.6%

Total votes: 44
The voting for this poll has ended on: August 30, 2013

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About the Series

The Clue Hunter book series (and eventually our app) is a fun and exciting twist on your old standard Search & Find books. Instead of just looking for a person or object, you have to uncover clues, remember them, and then try to find the right one!


What makes The Clue Hunter books different from other Search & Find books?

In The Clue Hunter, we show several ddifferent pieces of the final creature. Each page you turn has a different part of the creature magnified so you can see the piece & color. We write the clue out too, for those who remember what they read more than the visual counterparts. We want to make sure that all types of learners can have fun with our books. We also test them with color blind kids to make sure that they can see the difference in the color choices we make.

Within each book, we create Bonus Challenges for the kids. For every creature, we highlight interesting facts throughout the pages. At the end of each book, we have a Bonus Challenge where kids are asked to recall the facts they've learned by answering questions. They can also visit our website to get hints and answers, or to find out more interesting facts about the creatures in our books.


Why is The Clue Hunter so great for kids... and grownups too?

Our books engage in core learning processes for kids and adults alike. Memory and retention are vital to the learning process. For kids, making memory and retention fun has been a goal of teachers for ages! Kids love the challenge of Search & Find books.

We also never show the full image of the correct creature. Instead, the kids are forced to put the clues together in their mind. This is another exercise for the brain to help develop Cognitive Mapping skills. Cognitive maps serve the construction and accumulation of spatial knowledge, allowing the "mind's eye" to visualize images in order to reduce cognitive load, enhance recall and learning of information.

Aside from all the technical reasons why our books are great for kids, we're making real effort to make sure they're fun and interesting too!

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