Clue Hunter Skills

  • Good Memory
  • Cognitive Mapping
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  • Spatial Recognition
  • Having Fun!

What do you think?

What creatures do you want to see most in the next Clue Hunter book?

Birds - 18.2%
Ocean Animals - 27.3%
Dinosaurs - 11.4%
Farm Animals - 11.4%
Forest Creatures - 11.4%
Insects - 6.8%
All of the above! - 13.6%

Total votes: 44
The voting for this poll has ended on: August 30, 2013

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We are in the process of making the first book in The Clue Hunter series: Creepy Crawlies, Book 1. This book will feature the Honey Bee, Spider, Lady Bug, Worm, and Snail.  So check back here often for updates on our progress and how you can help The Clue Hunter end up in a book store near you.

After we release our first book, we'll be moving on to develop the Online Web-Based game and the App for iPhone/Droid devices and Tablets.

 Want to take a look at our first sample book? Click the image below!

You can turn the pages using your left and right arrow keys, or you can click the SAVE button on the bottom right and save the PDF to your computer or view it on your tablet device!



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