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What do you think?

What creatures do you want to see most in the next Clue Hunter book?

Birds - 18.2%
Ocean Animals - 27.3%
Dinosaurs - 11.4%
Farm Animals - 11.4%
Forest Creatures - 11.4%
Insects - 6.8%
All of the above! - 13.6%

Total votes: 44
The voting for this poll has ended on: August 30, 2013

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Helpful Hints 

Having trouble with the Bonus Challenge at the end of our sample book? Here are some hints to help you find the answers you seek!

(We'll post helpful hints here for all of the books in our series, but if you're ever stuck, it's ok to ask a friend to help you!) 

The Honey Bee

Bonus Challenge Hints 

1) Clue number three might be able to help you! 

2) Honey is golden, and so is the color of the clue that has the answer to this question. 

3) The clue that shows the head of the bee, the color of grass, also has the answer for you. 

4) Bees fly through the sky, which is the color of the clue that can help you find the bee you're looking for. 

5) You walk on them, but the bees use them to carry what they need to make honey. Check out Clue #2!

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